Cardiovascular disease is recognised as one of the main causes of mortality in developed countries and in Europe alone costs 170 Billion Euros per year in medical systems and loss of human resources. LYCOCARD aims to determine the precise health benefits of lycopene and other potent nutrients found in tomato and processed tomato products, in preventing or treating cardiovascular diseases. This is part of a growing trend towards research that clearly establishes the scientific reasons for convincing consumers how and why certain foods can benefit their health.

"The project's findings will lead to novel dietary guidelines which will help consumers to select specific diets to prevent and minimise their disease risk" explains LYCOCARD project co-ordinator Dr. Volker Böhm of the University of Jena.

"Lycocard will therefore improve the health of consumers in Europe (and worldwide), helping to reduce the immense and ever growing costs of health care systems, simultaneously and significantly advancing the state of the art. In addition, the position of the European food industry will be strengthened by increasing the demand for health-related tomato products, and hopefully the desire to foster healthier dietary habits."

Of course the dietary focus of Tomato+Health is not just on lycopene-bearing foods such as tomatoes. This website aims to discuss many different types of healthy foods and provide accurate scientific reasons why they benefit health.



Wholemeal pizza with olives, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

Wholemeal pizza with olives, cherry tomatoes and…

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