Cook those tomatoes and release their true powers


It's the HOTTEST story in town... Buy them, cook them and set them free!

Well it seems pretty obvious really to those in the know, but it seems most of the world has still to discover the simple truth – Tomatoes are really good for you – BUT - cooked or processed, tomatoes are even better.

The fresh tomato industry has finally started to wake up to the fact they can market fresh tomatoes not just for making the best tasting and most super nutritious salads ever created, but also for cooking.

It’s usually difficult to improve on Mother Nature’s design and looking at the immense nutritional package of the average fresh tomato you would be hard pressed to find a more complete, not to mention more beautiful, healthy fruit, anywhere on the planet.

The fresh tomato’s nutrition profile is impressive indeed, loaded with vitamin C, folate, fibre and a long list of beneficial micronutrients and yet it has still more to give when you throw them into the frying pan, chopped or sliced – with some olive oil, garlic and herbs. Gentle cooking into the finest of sauces, soups, stews, curries etc. in a million different mouth-watering ways only serves to release the package of the tomato’s carotenoids from their strong cells. Imprisoned as they are until they reach at least 100 degree Celsius, when the lycopene can break free and makes itself available.

Until then the lycopene remains locked in its cells with no chance of parole. It needs the heat of cooking to allow it to become available to us in a way we can benefit from. Its antioxidant properties can immediately set to work repairing damaged cells and DNA and even repairing itself. No wonder then, those marketers of fresh tomatoes are looking at the HOTTEST story in town. Buy them, cook them and set them free!