Tomato juice for post-workout

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Tomato juice has the kind of towering nutritional profile that few would guess it possesses!

Swim harder. Push that extra 100 metres. Run further. Pick up your feet and push an extra 10 minutes, just a little bit more a little bit further, keep breathing. Lift it, press it, curl it, put it down and stretch and stretch some more. Now, breath easy, nice deep breaths, okay, relaxing now, feeling good, feeling great. It’s time to recover.

You used a lot of energy so now you need to put something back and most of us will reach for a an isotonic sports drink for quick recovery and then start thinking about something light to eat with mixed carbohydrates and proteins. Wait a minute! Post-workout? - your body is producing massive rust inducing quantities of ‘reactive oxygen species’ better known as ‘free radicals.’ You need liquid to hydrate, a little salt and trace minerals for motor function, some fibre, carbohydrates and a massive hit of free radical quenching antioxidants. You need a good jolt of tomato juice.

There’s instant action on all fronts, re-hydrating, repairing cells, and quenching damaging radicals, boosting mind and body in just a few minutes. The physiological changes are almost instantaneous. The science speaks for itself. Tomato juice has the kind of towering nutritional profile that few would guess it possesses and yet there it is, all unassuming and underdressed for all the powers it contains – while all those sugar, salt, fake fruit flavour drinks, glitzed and hyped as real recovery tonics, just fade away. Go with what’s natural and works without the e-numbers. Try it with a stick of celery and some nutmeg or some Tabasco and black pepper for an energising kick.

Tomato juice any way you like it – pure power.