A New Hope

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EU states are witnessing an alarming epidemic increase in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic obesity with proportional cost increases and demands on health systems.

CVD alone is estimated to cost the EU 170 Billion per year. Improving health and lowering disease risk through preventative nutritional education is the only credible way to treat this critical issue.

LYCOCARD, a 5 year integrated Project within the 6th Framework Programme, investigates the role of lycopene in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Started in April 2006, the project aims to identify exactly why lycopene (sourced mostly from tomatoes) may protect EU citizens against these diseases.

LYCOCARD will create new dietary guidelines to be transmitted by partners, Deutsche Herzstiftung (German Heart Foundation) and NUTRIUNIT Rome with obvious benefits for consumers, care systems and the EU tomato industry. First results were presented at the 10th European Nutrition Conference in Paris, 11th July.